FAQ's ?

1. What's Unique about Majestic Body Brand? 

We use butters and oils that assist with healing of skin- deeply moisturizing, assisting with eczema, healing minor wounds and cuts, plus more! 

We take pride in our products standing out! With sensational scents, and vibrant pigments that are safe for the skin. 

2.  What Ingredients Are Used in Our Body Creams?

All creams have the following base ingredients. Which includes Shea Butter. Grapeseed Oil. Essential oils/ Fragrances, the Color Pigment & more. 

Mango Papaya is the only body cream that uses Mango Butter. 

Cocoa Cashmere is the only body cream that has Cocoa Butter.

3. What Ingredients are Used in Our Body Oils? All oils have the following base ingredients, Sweet Almond Oil. Rice Bran Oil. Grapeseed Oil. Essential oils/ Fragrances. Vitamin E Oil.
4. Where Can I purchase in stores?

Our full size 4 OZ Body Creams are available for pick up in 1 store location.

1. Well Store, 3510 Scotts Ln, Philadelphia, Pa, 19129